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CountryUSAGroupAmerican Folk EnsembleDatejune, 2023LocationOproakeldaisShare
American Folk Ensemble

“Fast footwork and rousing music”

American Folk Ensemble from North America comes from Salt Lake City and has already seen a lot of the world! With a history of about 31 years, the group has many dancers and musicians who, by the way, consist of young and energetic dancers. They radiate their culture with American pride. Salt Lake City is a city located in a large valley.

The American Folk Ensemble has a rich and varied repertoire, with an American style and legacy as dynamic and expansive as the Rocky Mountain region it represents. The program takes you to the Appalachian Mountains, the birthplace of Clogging and to the frontier of the Wild West. The group dances through the ages and will highlight several dances from America, including The Charleston, Lindy Hop and the more modern Country Swing.

Get your feet off the floor and clap along with American Folk Ensemble.