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Definitions and Applicability

1. Users of these General Terms and Conditions St Festival “Op Roakeldais”, hereinafter referred to as “Op Roakeldais” are: “Op Roakeldais and organizers of other events on the festival site.

2. Counterparties are: the original rightful claimant of an admission ticket, the holder of an access point, the visitor to the festival site.

3. These terms and conditions apply to the users and their counterparties at all events on the festival site. This applies to both the purchase of an admission ticket and the stay at the festival site.

4. The present terms and conditions are binding on everyone (hereinafter referred to as ‘visitor’ who is present at any time in or around the festival site or in or around associated buildings and grounds, including entrances and access roads (hereinafter referred to in total as festival site).

5. Public: anyone present in or around the festival site before, during or after the start of an event.

Identification / presentation of admission ticket

1. Every visitor must have a valid admission ticket and proof of identity when he/she is in or around the festival site. He/she only has access through the designated entrances.

2. Every employee of “Op Roakeldais”, or a third party designated by it, has the authority at all times to require the visitor to demonstrate that he/she has a valid admission ticket and is entitled to be where he/she is. is found at the time of inspection or may be in the process of moving. If requested, the visitor must also identify himself on the basis of a valid proof of identity or pass provided by “Op Roakeldais”.

3. It is forbidden to stay in or go to a part of the festival site other than that to which the admission ticket entitles the visitor (being the site itself, the space necessary to reach the place, to abandoned and associated public facilities).

4. When leaving that part of the festival site to which the admission ticket 

entitles you, the validity of the admission ticket will expire irrevocably.

Alcohol, drugs and merchandise

1. Visitors are prohibited from entering or staying at the festival site under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, including medicines, that can adversely affect the behavior of people.

2. If in the opinion of “Op Roakeldais” or the persons designated by it during the festival it appears that a spectator is under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs to such an extent that public order and safety are at stake, the spectator becomes involved in the festival site being deleted.

3. It is not allowed to bring alcoholic drinks, drugs and related items. Buying and consuming (alcoholic) drinks is only allowed in the designated places or areas.

4. Selling or offering for sale merchandise such as drinks, food, souvenir items, T-shirts, scarves, flags and the like on the festival site is only allowed with written permission from “Op Roakeldais”. This permission must be handed over at the request of the employees of “Op Roakeldais”.

5. “Op Roakeldais” reserves the right to completely or partially discontinue the sale of merchandise, drinks and food at certain times and/or in certain parts of the festival site.

Discrimination, fireworks, weapons & nuisance

1. It is prohibited to bring the following objects to the festival site, or to have them in hand or in possession: Bottles, glasses, cans, chains, weapons that can be used as weapons, or other objects that can be used as weapons. be used or as a means to disturb the peace. Taking, having or possessing, to the festival site, as well as lighting fireworks, is prohibited at all times.

2. It is prohibited to behave on the festival site in a way that can be experienced by others as provocative, threatening, insulting or discriminatory, or as a nuisance or as disrupting the peace and order in any way.

3. It is prohibited to use or have available resources on the festival site that, in the opinion of the employees, cause unnecessary nuisance or hindrance to third parties or that have the possibility to create danger for, cause damage to , another person or property. Means of producing noise are included herein.

4. It is prohibited to create any danger to goods or to life or health of oneself or others, or inflict any other form of damage. In particular, it is prohibited to enter places other than to which the admission ticket authorizes. An exception to this is if express permission has been given by or on behalf of the board of st “Op Roakeldais” to perform work there.

5. Bringing animals to the festival site is prohibited to employees other than authorized personnel.

Escape routes, seats, waste & smoking

1. Everyone must inform themselves upon arrival at the festival site of the escape routes that must be used in the event of a calamity or threat thereof.

2. It is forbidden to stand on chairs. Destruction of a chair can lead to eviction. The costs will be recovered from the person responsible.

3. Everyone must deposit waste, including drinks and foodstuffs consumed, in the appropriate waste bins. Smoking is prohibited in the halls and tents on the site.

Image and/or sound recordings

1. With the exception of, in the opinion of “Op Roakeldais”, authorized press photographers, videographers or journalists, making image and/or sound recordings on the festival site for commercial purposes is prohibited. This prohibition can be extended to all purposes. This is indicated at the entrances.

2. Visitors agree that photos and video recordings may be made of them.

Applicable provisions

1. Provisions and general terms and conditions of the Municipality of Het Hogeland are fully binding. The provisions of the criminal law, insofar as this concerns or may concern conduct on public roads, also apply to the festival site or apply mutatis mutandis.


1. Instructions from employees of “Op Roakeldais” and event organizations, as well as the police, fire brigade, GGD and other competent authorities, must be followed by the visitor without delay.

2. At the request of employees of “Op Roakeldais” or the event organizer or designated persons, as well as the police, everyone must submit a valid admission ticket, or proof that he/she serves as an employee of “Op Roakeldais”. or from the organizer of the event taking place.

3. Security guards working on the festival site are always entitled to visit the visitor for the possession of unauthorized objects and, where appropriate, to take them into custody or destroy them.

4. If you are in possession of any parking card, issued by “Op Roakeldais”, you must show the relevant card to the traffic controller upon arrival when using this card.

5. It is not allowed to place bicycles in or near the festival site, as a result of which danger or hindrance can arise. Instructions in this regard must be followed. Bicycles that are not placed in the designated places will be removed by the traffic controllers or employees of “Op Roakeldais” if necessary by order of the police.


1. Anyone who in any way acts in violation of these House Rules may be denied access by employees of “Op Roakeldais” and the event organisation, or designated persons, as well as the police and other authorized persons and/or organizations, without prior warning. be refused entry to the festival site or removed from (any part of) the festival site or handed over to the police. All this has the immediate and irrevocable consequence that the admission ticket of the person(s) involved can be withdrawn, loses its validity without any right to a refund.

2. “Op Roakeldais” is entitled, in the event of a conflicting act as referred to above, or if there is a criminal offense or conduct that damages the reputation of “Op Roakeldais” and/or third parties, committed or in or outside the festival site, but in relation to an event on the festival site, to deny the person(s) involved access to one or more events for the future, whether or not under a time limit and to take those measures that are necessary to enforce of such a measure might be necessary. This also applies to the originally entitled party as referred to in Chapter 1, point 2, based on the amount of the ticket holder.