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Dance group from Colombia cancels, but Festival Op Roakeldais brings in another top participation!

The organization of International dance and music festival Op Roakeldais has been preparing for months for the 56th edition of the festival, from 28 June to 2 July 2023 in Warffum. Last March, the plans and countries that will participate in the festival were presented.

It is clear that the festival is subject to developments worldwide. A few weeks ago, the organization received the news from Colombia that they are unable to afford their tickets due to the high inflation and the group had to cancel their tour after they had tried everything. “The tickets had a price increase of almost 100 percent and that amounted to the annual salary of an average Colombian,” says David Kloosterhuis, artistic director of the festival.

The organization has years of experience and has built up a large international network. As a result, after a long search and writing to contacts, she found out that a beautiful ensemble from Venezuela is coming to Europe. Venezuela, a beautiful country in South America, which has been in socio-economic and political crisis for years. As a result, it has been impossible for many years for dance groups to travel from this country to Europe. Through cooperation between the affiliated French CIOFF® (world organization for folklore festivals and dance groups) festivals led by Alain Labattut, director of the Montignac festival, they have been able to cover all costs to get the group to Europe. After long negotiations and intensive cooperation, the group managed to get to Europe a week earlier and thus to the Op Roakeldais festival. “This fulfills a long-cherished wish,” says David Kloosterhuis. “Inviting dance groups from countries where it is not obvious to travel, and to know freedom, makes it extra meaningful to give them a place on the world stage at Op Roakeldais.

From Maracaibo comes the dance group Fundacion Danzas Cantaclaro. A colorful company with beautiful costumes and exciting rhythms that shows the diversity of Venezuelan culture. The dance is accompanied by a full orchestra with a beautiful lead singer. You can listen to it for hours alone. The organization is proud to welcome the group. “Op Roakeldais blurs boundaries and gives everyone a voice through song, dance and music”

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